Product Philosophy - Finlabs India

Product Philosophy

Our Product philosophy is inspired by our vision to Educate, Empower and Engage our clients through class leading fintech products for promoting overall financial well-being.

Educate Suite


Learning is the true foundation for growth and development of not just an individual but organizations, societies and nations as well!

How, often we find ourselves keen to learn something new or important but are unable to owing to lack of time, access to right information or due to the old fashioned way of learning.

Even organizations recognize “L&D” as one of their core focus areas and spend millions of dollars in training their staff. But more often than not, they find it difficult to motivate their teams in continuous learning & developing!

Our Educate Suite of Products are driven by the core motto of “Bridging this Education gap with simple, innovative & educational products” for BFSI and other sectors.

Through our simple yet innovative platform LearnGenie, we enable organizations to administer their L&D programs for their employees, partners, key distribution channels etc..The idea is to involve the users and provide 24/7 access to L&D in their preferred environment, preferred time & through preferred medium for best results

Empower Suite

Our Empower Suite of Products empowers Financial Intermediaries as well as Investors with ability to do holistic planning, investment advisory & online transactions via an integrated platform

“Less than 5% of Indian Household’s financial assets are in investment products like MFs and less than 5% of HNWI funds are managed by Wealth Managers”

Indian wealth management Industry is at a nascent stage both in terms of vintage and penetration. Inspite of that India is the 6th largest wealth market with fastest growing HNI, Affluent & Mass affluent population.

With traditional avenues like bank deposits, gold and real estate loosing sheen, Indians are now seriously exploring investment avenues like MFs, Equity, PMS, AIFs and structured products  with even retail segment participating.

The changing Indian Investor mindset alongwith stringent regulatory measures are necessitating the rules of the game to be rewritten as far as financial intermediation is concerned. There is an increased need to bring in

  • Client Centricity (capabilities, products, delivery and pricing),
  • Efficiency (reduce backend costs, TAT, service & reach clients faster),
  • Risk Compliance (Fiduciary client responsibility, regulatory reporting, client data privacy etc.)
  • Innovation (use of new age technologies, cloud based models etc.)

Technology adoption therefore is becoming a Key Differentiator & Enabler for financial intermediaries like banks, wealth management firms, financial advisors, stock brokers, family offices etc.

Our Empower Suite of Products empowers financial intermediaries and investors through our flagship product platform, Finexa: An integrated B2B2C platform for Investment Advisory and Wealth management business.

Engage Suite

India is slated to become the world’s 3rd largest economy and the most populous country, with 64% working population and 570 million in middle class population by 2025. However,

“76% of Indian adults do not understand basic financial concepts”

So inspite of being amongst the highest savers in the world, we are poor investors. Most of the household savings are still directed towards non-financial assets like real estate and gold or low interest yielding financial products.

Lack of knowledge with respect to basic financial concepts & products, financial planning, retirement planning, debt management, insurance etc. compounds our ability to lead a financially secure life.

Through our Engage Suite of products, we intend to educate& engage investors  by providing a realtime bird’s eye view of their Money through a highly advanced & analytics based platform: Fiscus.