Best Fintech Company in India developing technology

Finlabs India Private Ltd.

We are a new-age fintech company focused on developing technology-enabled financial services & analytics products catering to areas such as investment advisor, Insurance, wealth management, financial education, etc.

As a team of enthusiastic & experienced professionals from the finance & technology domain, we are driven by the passion to create products that deliver best-in-class value to our clients in terms of ROI as well as customer experience!

We have developed a range of fintech products inspired by our product philosophy of Educate, Empower & Engage.

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Our Vision

To educate, empower and engage our clients through class leading tech products for promoting overall financial well being

Our Mission

To be the Foremost Fintech Products Provider in areas of financial advisory & education in India and International Markets

Our Core Values

Customer Focus, Innovation, Learning, Diligence, Integrity, Team work & Entrepreneurial Passion

The journey is the destination

ISO Certified

( AUG 2021 )

Finexa ICEX Integration

( JUN 2021 )

Will Writing

( JUN 2021 )

Finexa Goldrush Integration

( DEC 2020 )

Finexa Video KYC Integration

( OCT 2020 )

White Label Finexa Availability

( SEP 2020 )

Finexa NSE Integration

( JUN 2020 )

Integrated Finexa Platform Rollout

( SEP 2019 )

Next 100 Advisors & Fiscus App Launch

( APR 2019 )

Finexa BSE Integration

(JAN 2019)

First 50 Advisors

(DEC 2018)

Rollout of Finexa Planning Suite

( AUG 2018 )

Finexa & Fiscus Prototype Release

( DEC 2017  )

Corporate Office

Mumbai (SEP 2017)

Development Centre Formation

Kolkata ( SEP 2016 )

Company Formation

Mumbai (AUG 2016 )

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