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Why LearnGenie

Learning is the true foundation for growth and development of not just an individual but organizations, societies and nations as well!

Organizations recognize “L&D” as one of their core focus areas and spend millions of dollars in training their staff. But more often than not, they find it difficult to motivate their teams in continuous learning & developing!

Here’s presenting LearnGenie, that enables Businesses / Organizations to meet their L&D Goals through a simple, innovative and feature rich platform

LearnGenie Mobile App through it’s simple, engaging, white-labeled and customizable platform helps organizations administer their L&D programs for their employees, partners, key distribution channels etc. The idea is to involve the users and provide 24/7 access to L&D in their preferred environment, preferred time & through preferred medium for best results


Available as a native Mobile App Or Web App i.e. 24/7 access through any devices


Enable Learning in all major Indian & International languages.

White-labeled platform

Put up your “Brand” at the forefront.

Multimedia Content

Access learning content as videos, audio, infographics, etc.

Interactive& Customizable Features

MCQ Quiz, Scoreboards, App Notifications, etc.

Content Management System

Powered by a powerful CMS to administer & track users and learning content.

Quick Setup

Implementation ready App for quick setup & Go live.


Flexible pricing models.

LearnGenie Benefits

  • Increase Productivity

  • Deepen Partner Engagement

  • Reduce Corporate Expenses

  • Increased Revenue

  • Improved Learning Practices

  • Fulfill Regulatory Compliances

  • Improved Customer Services

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