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Anindya Dutta

Mr. Anindya Dutta’s journey through the world of finance is nothing short of extraordinary. Starting his illustrious banking career at Deutsche Bank in India in 1993, Anindya has spent the last 26 years dedicated to building and leading successful businesses on a global scale. With a remarkable track record at prestigious institutions such as Credit Agricole, ANZ, and American Express, he has cultivated diverse multicultural teams and brought innovation to the forefront of his work.

What truly sets Anindya apart is his ability to seamlessly blend his passion for history and sports with his financial acumen. He is an acclaimed author of multiple bestselling books, including the award-winning “Wizards: The Story of Indian Spin Bowling” and “Advantage India: The Story of Indian Tennis.” These literary achievements showcase his profound dedication to excellence in all aspects of life.

Anindya’s expertise extends beyond the realm of finance. He serves as a consultant on Capital Markets Development, particularly in the Derivatives space, advising governments worldwide. His contributions in this field have played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of global financial markets.

As the Managing Director of Two Roads Pte Ltd, a renowned Singapore-based consulting firm specializing in Financial Markets and Leadership Development, Anindya has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to driving excellence and innovation. His insights into global people management, deep client focus, and unique approach to leadership development make him an invaluable asset.

Anindya’s remarkable journey encompasses a diverse array of experiences, from building thriving businesses to making meaningful contributions to sports, literature, and society. His eclectic background and deep reservoir of knowledge will undoubtedly transform Finlabs’ global positioning in the near and distant future.

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