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Overcoming Learning Transfer Challenges in a Sales Team

One of our clients, a mid-sized enterprise, recently conducted a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for their sales team. The TNA revealed significant gaps in negotiation skills and product knowledge, leading to inconsistent sales performance and missed revenue targets. Despite investing in a high-quality training program, the company observed that the knowledge and skills acquired during training were not being effectively applied in the workplace. This lack of learning transfer resulted in minimal improvement in sales outcomes.

Solution Finlabs implemented: The Learning Transfer Bridge (8Ps)
To address these challenges, we implemented the 8Ps of the Learning Transfer Bridge, focusing on the 8 essential components to ensure training content was effectively transferred back to the workplace.

Transformative Outcome:
By implementing our Learning Transfer Bridge (8Ps), the client saw a significant transformation in their sales team’s performance. The effective transfer of training content into the workplace resulted in improved negotiation skills, enhanced product knowledge, and increased sales performance, ultimately leading to higher revenue targets being met.

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